Originally from Longmont, Colorado, Pop Country artist Johanna can be seen performing her original songs all across the United States. Her recent collaborations with other musicians in Nashville has garnered a lot of attention for her music and helped to develop her unique style and sound. 

Johanna is of Dutch/Indonesian/Scottish descent, and began her music career at the age of 5, singing on her dad!s radio program. She was soon starring in leading roles in musical productions and honing her skills on stage as a live performer. 
While attending a Performing Arts High School, she wrote and recorded her first CD along with performing a live concert of her music. She then moved on to study at a Performing Arts Conservatory in Hollywood, CA. 

Johanna is an excellent energetic solo artist who travels between LA and Nashville to record her unique style that crosses over to Pop, Folk, Rock, Country and Americana. 
She has completed recording and co-producing 3 EP’s, ‘Seeds’,’Bending Hearts’ and ‘Shadow’. 

The ‘Star News’ describes her most recent EP, "Seeds” as “incorporates both rootsy and poppy influences, and plays out like a mini-chronicle of a love affair, from the heady first days of the title track, "Too Good To Be True” to the bittersweet "5th Street Heartbreak” and its refrain, "Don't give up on me.” 

Johanna's goal is to touch everyone with her art: 

“Somewhere in my childhood I fell in love with a really good song, 
When I go to the movies or a concert I want to feel something, to relate, to have an experience and be truly moved. I love that feeling and my dream is to inspire and share and give that experience to everyone”. 

Johanna’s unique and authentic sound has led to new music in 2022 that will show her songs and voice to be one of the most unique and moving in Country and Americana music. She will soon be one of CMT’s ‘Next Women of Country’ and the next New Country Artist to Watch.

 Contact:  Aitken Artists; 310-567-1717;

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I had an absolute blast performing before almost 9,000 people opening before the Jason Derulo concert!