12th - private jack jack 180 show @ 5pm

23rd - slice of life on patriot way @ 9pm


Feb. 2nd: Private JackJack180 event

Feb. 9th: Family EXPO @ Coastline Convention Center @ 10am

Feb. 11th: Duck And Dive @ 10pm

Feb. 16th: VIP opening ceremony for Sarah McLachlan concert at the Wilson Center @ 6:30pm

Feb. 19th: Slice Of Life on Patriot Way @ 9pm

Feb. 21st: Private JackJack180 event

Feb. 28th: Bills Front Porch @ 6:30pm


Dec. 1st - WildWing with JackJack180 @ 10pm


Dec. 2nd - Private show at residence in landfall


Dec. 7th - Wilmington Water Tours Riverboat with special guest @ 5:30pm


Dec. 8th - Private JackJack180 show


Dec. 21st - With Wanderlust at SeaWitch @ 7pm


Dec. 22nd - Wilmington Water Riverboat @ 5:30pm


Dec. 23rd - At Edward Teach Brewing @  4pm


Dec. 26th - At Slice Of Life on Patriot way @ 9pm


Dec. 27th - Wrighstville Beach brewery @ 6pm


Upcoming shows for November

Nov. 1st, Wilmington Water Tours Riverboat


Nov. 2nd, Banks Channel at 9pm


Nov. 3rd, Wild Wing Cafe at 10pm


Nov. 9th, Locals Tavern at 4:30pm


Nov. 10th, private landfall party


Nov. 13th, Slice Of Life at 9pm


Nov. 15th, Pour Taproom at 8pm


Nov. 16th, Private Party


Nov. 23rd, Wilmington Water Tours Riverboat 


Nov. 24th, Macs Speed Shop


Nov. 30th, Sour Barn at 8pm

Upcoming Shows For September

September 4th, Slice Of Life @ 9pm


September 7th, Airlie Gardens with JackJack180


September 9th, private JackJack180 show


September 14th, Sour Barn @ 8pm


September 15th, private JackJack180 show 


September 16th, Blue Water Grille 


September 21st, Wilmington Water Tours Riverboat


September 25th, Landfall Country Club


September 27th, Wrightsville Beach brewery @ 6pm


September 29th, WildWing Cafe @ 10pm


Upcoming Shows For July